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Hi, welcome to the ALPHA TUBBR testing family

TUBBR is World's First Personal Social Network. In search of meaningful and personalized engagement, consumers are now slowly moving away from the main feeds of major social networks and toward smaller, more intimate and engaged micro-communities. Having to share all your stories on ONE timeline is passé. TUBBR is all about Discrete Timelines & Powerful Stories while your friends can Follow or Collaborate on things you love doing together. It's a Personal Social Network (NOT a Private Network) that can be used personally, as well as an influencer to build and engage with communities via Segregated Timelines. At TUBBR, we have completely re-approached the way you connect or share on the Internet; by bringing the Control back to you. It's a fun & engaging app that lets you connect with the people of your choice to share content on various things you do or interests you! Currently, TUBBR is in Alpha Phase I, available only through exclusive invites with over 50% monthly retention.

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