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Hi, welcome to the TUBBR testing family

TUBBR is a social networking platform that’s focused on Empowering the world to have real conversations on relevant topics and with people that matter. Your daily place to Meet, Share & Talk People you like, things you love. TUBBR helps people Explore and Express their creativity in new and unique ways. Share their work with the people they want. Especially designed for aspiring creators who have long desired to express their creative talent and enable them to share their ideas with the people they want in private “Bays” or in public “Bays” to showcase different talents or segment their content and get the right fans on each Bay. A key feature of TUBBR is co-hosting of Bays by multiple creators who share a common vision. This not only creates a better experience for fans, but it also grows the co-creators fan base. A special “Chat"experience that enables fans to follow and engage with specific stories from a creator and continue a dialogue on that story vs losing it in a continuous stream of posts. An array of video creation, editing and publishing tools for aspiring creators to easily build content and publish it on TUBBR as well as other social media channels. TUBBR will soon offer creators a broad range of monetization pathways such as tipjar, paid live sessions & brand connections for influencer marketing.

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