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Hi, welcome to the TUBBR testing family

TUBBR, as we like to call it, The World's First Personal Social Network lets you create Private and Public social sharing spaces with Friends, Family & Fans. Today's social media's world is filled with a lot of irrelevant content and chaos. And, in search of meaningful and personalized engagement, we all are now moving towards smaller, more intimate and engaged micro-communities. Hence, we believe having just one timeline or profile to share all of your content is passé. With TUBBR, you can easily organize your content by creating multiple timelines, collaborate with others on things you love doing together, discover the content of your interests and control what you see. Why is TUBBR your *PERSONAL* social network? You can create multiple personal spaces called Public Walls & Private Walls. These Walls can be about anything you like, be it your fashion trends to travel stories, food experiences to workout sessions, gaming to music videos. Either keep the Walls Private, to share stories between select members only or make them Public, to showcase your passion & for the world to discover! What makes TUBBR unique? TUBBR is the only social media platform that lets you share stories with the right audience, hence bringing the 'Relevance' back into the social networks. All your stories are organized by Walls you create and not profiles! This architecture provides you complete control of what you see on your newsfeed. Additionally, if someone posts more than 100 stories in a day, the horizontal feeds & real-time updates on the newsfeed restricts spamming for you to have a better browsing experience. -- TUBBR is a Personal Social Network that can be used personally, as well as an influencer to build and engage with communities via Segregated Timelines. You can easily become a #TUBBRinfluencer on not just one but multiple passions you have! Currently, TUBBR is in Alpha Phase I, available only through Exclusive Invites. Request for Access Code on or reach out to us at

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